About Me

I wrote:

The Art Of Preserving Love which is being released 28 January 2018
Sunday Best, which was published by HarperCollins and this book was a winner of the Varuna-Harpercollins Manuscript Prize
After Before Time which was also published by HarperCollins
(My books are available in bookshops and on amazon and iBooks)
Short stories for Anthologies published by Allen & Unwin – and several newspapers and magazines
I am currently working on 3 new books

I am:

A Mother of 5 – of course they are all amazing

I Love:

Gin and Tonic with a dash of bitters and lemon juice
Cheese and good TV with out the ads
Love men with longish hair )- think Aragon in Lord of the Rings not Gandalf
Love my hubby who of course is amazing and has longish hair
Love my family and friends
Love Painting (on canvas not houses)
Love No Quarter by Plant (love Plant’s hair) and Page
Love Gary Moore
Would love to meet Wes Anderson (DH Lawrence is not available)
Love The Piano


Worry too much
Don’t exercise enough – it’s sooo boring

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